Monday, July 29, 2013

Pumpkin Wine-orations

Cut the bottom off of a few wine bottles, tape them up with webs and faces, then paint! Stick a light under them and let them glow all night! Even a pirate out of rum bottle! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Painting practice-Brynlee's Bear

Smoke Bomb Painting!!!

Fourth of July great discovery!!!
  • Smoke bombs leave crazy colors when kicked on concrete or when they spin when lit... after noticing this I drug my niece to the craft store for canvas.
  • Light a smoke bomb in deep HEALTHY grass and wait til the flame disappears and smoke comes out
  • Put the canvas on top of the smoke, wave it across the smoke, or shove the canvas hard down on the smoke. You'll get different results for all different types of movement
  • Keep an eye on the canvas because it WILL CATCH ON FIRE!
  • Spray with sealer and add glitter and seal again
    • Too much spray and the colors will run.. 
      •  I used this to my advantage to cover some white space.
  • AMAZING FUN!!!  

Peacock Baby Costume

  • Cut a petal shape out of quilt batting and glue the quill part of a peacock feather between them. Then edge the batting with fine boa.
  •  Then cut fabric petals slightly larger than the batting with pinking shears.
  • Sew a boarder 3/4inch- 1inch in from the edge but sewing through the batting and boa (I used a zig-zag in yellow) 
  • Wrap a small square of cardboard with fabric and glue it down. (this will be your structure to hold the petals together and have it sit upright
  • Wrap an elastic band with tulle and run a stitch to adhere it as the tutu of the costume.
  • Glue the tutu on to the cardboard and the finished petals to the cardboard
  • Turn over the petal fan and add the peacock feathers with a bit of tulle and a large button to keep it all down. 
  • You can add ribbons to the base of the cardboard to tie to your peacocks legs if you need them to keep the fan in place. 
  • I made little feet by gluing felt "feet" to ribbons then the boa over that. Perfect for tying over shoes  or snow boots.

Painting Practice- Artichoke

My fairies! Funky neon!

My fairies! Neapolitan Style

Made from electric fencing wire and tulle and hot glue. Built to last little fairies running through houses clicking their wings on everything :D 

Leash, Scarf, Hat Knob Wall Thingy!

I needed something funky and fun to organize my mountain dogs leashes harnesses and collars. I do use it in the winter for all my scarves and hats! IF you use it for bulkier scarves and hats throw a bolt or two in between the knobs and the board.

  • Use a shaped board from any craft supply store or frame plaque shop
  • Drill holes in the board and bevel the back so the nuts screw into the board and sit flush
  • If you need to cut the bolts off of the knobs make sure to do it at an angle so the threads aren't interupted
  • Paint, assemble and glue on a pre-cut wooden letter. DONE!