Sunday, July 28, 2013

Peacock Baby Costume

  • Cut a petal shape out of quilt batting and glue the quill part of a peacock feather between them. Then edge the batting with fine boa.
  •  Then cut fabric petals slightly larger than the batting with pinking shears.
  • Sew a boarder 3/4inch- 1inch in from the edge but sewing through the batting and boa (I used a zig-zag in yellow) 
  • Wrap a small square of cardboard with fabric and glue it down. (this will be your structure to hold the petals together and have it sit upright
  • Wrap an elastic band with tulle and run a stitch to adhere it as the tutu of the costume.
  • Glue the tutu on to the cardboard and the finished petals to the cardboard
  • Turn over the petal fan and add the peacock feathers with a bit of tulle and a large button to keep it all down. 
  • You can add ribbons to the base of the cardboard to tie to your peacocks legs if you need them to keep the fan in place. 
  • I made little feet by gluing felt "feet" to ribbons then the boa over that. Perfect for tying over shoes  or snow boots.

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